Narramore Designs is owned and managed by Heather Steward.

Heather’s work is creative, with a keen eye for current trends, while still retaining the commercial focus to make products successful in a wide range of markets.

She has a wealth of experience designing a wide range of footwear types.  With 9 years experience as a designer/pattern cutter, her technical skills developed in British manufacturing prove invaluable to her clients.  Constantly upgrading her skills, currently working on glove-making, she’s also dabbled with a range of accessories such as bags, gloves, small leather goods & jewellery.

Developing footwear with factories in Europe and the Far East,  Heather has consulted on everything from supplier strategy to client point of sale. Starting from trend forecasting & material selection, hand-sketching designs to using Photoshop & Illustrator, through packaging and brand development, she understands every stage of the process.

Flexible and adaptable, Heather’s contracts have seen her solo and collaborative work featured in store at Aldo, Forever21, and Marks & Spencer, among other high street brands. Always open to new challenges, she’s now developing her own range of leather gloves.

When she’s not designing, she’s to be found balancing her passion for dance and family life.






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